The Life of Tommy Noh

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Tommy Noh was born on April 02, 2002. Tommy is the son/daughter of spider and has one younger brother. When Tommy was a child, he was very interested in basketball and had the dreams of becoming an NBA superstar when he grew up. He was super competitive and alway seeked the challenge ahead of him. Tommy is also very studios and focuses most of his attention in the books. Tommy wants to become a neurosurgeon when he grows up and wants to study at Harvard University. Tommy studied at Stowers Elementary school and then studied at Carmenita Middle School. He graduated Carmenita Middle School on June 2016 and is now a junior in Cerritos High School. Tommy’s major accomplishments is his walk with God and making the basketball team for CHS. He also likes to play Super Smash Flash and krunker at home. He loves helping the community by volunteering at an orphanage and playing sports with them. Tommy has a kind soul and will be loved by everyone in years to come.

Most information on this website is fake and made up